Tips for Boosting Your Credit Score

Man signing paperwork

If your credit score is in need of some work, there are many simple strategies for improving your rating. Take a moment to learn about some strategies you can take to mend your credit report. Then, if you have questions, or you happen to be in need of a new car near New Orleans but don’t have the best credit rating, get in touch with the finance department at Ray Brandt Toyota in Kenner. 

Ways to Improve Your Credit Score  

There are many ways for New Orleans drivers to boost their credit rating. We feel that our recommended strategies below are the 5 simplest and most effective ways to turn your score around. Let’s take a look! 

  • Ask for Higher Credit Limits: When your credit ceiling goes up, and your balance remains the same, your debt-to-limit ratio improves, giving your credit score an easy boost. 
  • Become an “Authorized User: If your spouse has better credit than you, ask them to be added on to their accounts as an authorized user. This will automatically boost your score. 
  • Make Payments Strategically: Make large payments on your credit card right before the billing cycle ends each month, so you can have the lowest balances possible right before your stats are reported to credit bureaus.  
  • Get Friendly With Collections Offers: Develop strategies for repayment with your collection officers and see if you can persuade them to stop reporting the collection to credit bureaus. 
  • Make Reliable Payments on a Large Loan: This may sound counterintuitive, but taking out a large loan you know you can afford to reliably pay off is the most effective way to turn your credit around. At Ray Brandt Toyota, our financiers can work with you to develop auto loan terms that are custom tailored to your situation, setting you up to succeed. 

Have More Questions About How to Improve Your Credit Score? 

If you have more questions about our tips for boosting your credit score in greater La Place, don’t hesitate to call our finance department at 504-285-2672. As we mentioned earlier, one of the fastest ways to improve your score is by reliably making payments on a large loan you can actually afford to pay off.

If you’re in need of a vehicle and have lackluster credit, an auto loan may be the perfect strategy for improving your credit. Our financiers can take a deep look at your finances and develop loan terms that set you up to succeed. The next step? Explore our new vehicle specials and pre-owned vehicle specials to see just how affordable your next vehicle can be, and then contact us to book some test drives. Looking to custom order a new Toyota once you’ve boosted your score? Learn how today!