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Toyota Corolla Pricing New Orleans, LA

Teen Driver? Check Out the Low Toyota Corolla Pricing Near New Orleans, LA

The day you always dreaded has finally arrived. Your teenager is ready for a car. While you feel excited, knowing that driving at 16 is a major milestone, you also worry about safety and the cost of buying a reliable vehicle. Thanks to competitive Toyota Corolla pricing, you can afford to buy your teen driver a safe car near New Orleans, LA for tooling around.

When you visit the right dealership, not only will you discover low Toyota Corolla pricing, but also an abundance of new, used, and certified pre-owned models. Although you plan to purchase the car, more than likely, your teenager will want some say in the exact vehicle chosen. With such a large selection, you can stay within a budget while your son or daughter ends up driving the preferred car.

Used Corolla

The great thing about the Corolla is that even used cars have incredible safety features. As an example, a 2015 model comes standard with both traction and stability control. Especially when driving in the rain, you want a car from New Orleans, LA with these systems to give you and your teen driver peace of mind. What happens is that the brakes automatically apply should the car lose traction. As a result, there is less a risk of an accident.

Even with low Toyota Corolla pricing on the 2015 model, it has several unique braking features, all designed to improve overall safety. This car has an anti-lock system that prevents the wheels from locking up while braking. That way, the risk of the car skidding or losing traction diminishes. The car also has an electronic brakeforce distribution system. Instead of applying pressure to all the brakes, the system applies pressure to the appropriate wheel that needs assistance.

A rearview camera is another one of the safety features that will help protect your teenage driver while out and about. In addition to making it easier to park, the driver can see things at the rear, whether a person, an animal, or another vehicle. There is also an automatic tire pressure monitoring system to ensure the tires are always at the right level of inflation. Simply visit the right dealer near New Orleans, LA.

When saving on Toyota Corolla pricing, you might think you have to compromise on safety in some way. Not so. This car has eight airbags, also standard. For your son or daughter, as well as any passengers, this provides optimum protection in the event of a crash.

Safety and Fun

The Corolla is a fun, yet safe car, making it a perfect choice for a teenage driver. For help in finding your son or daughter the right year and trim level, visit us at Ray Brandt Toyota in Kenner, only a few minutes from New Orleans, LA.


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