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Toyota SUV Marrero, LA

Tips for Buying and Maintaining the Tires on a Toyota SUV Purchased from a Dealer Near Marrero, LA

With relatively nice weather all year-round in Louisiana, there is no need to worry about having heavy-duty snow tires on your Toyota SUV. However, there are still some things to consider when it comes to buying and maintaining the tires. After all, you want something that grips the road, giving you optimum protection. If you have questions or need help, you can visit the service shop at a respected dealer near Marrero, LA.

New Tires

Make sure you select the right size tires for your Toyota SUV. Keep in mind that when you buy a vehicle from a trusted dealership, whether used, certified pre-owned, and especially new, the vehicle will have excellent tires. Even so, whether from wear and tear, a blow-out, or from running over a tire or nail, at some point, new tires become essential. If that happens, check with the dealership to confirm the size of tires required.

Although you can purchase tires from a local tire store or mechanic shop, your best bet is to get them from the service department of a respected dealership near Marrero, LA. That way, you have confidence in the quality of the tires and their age. Unfortunately, some businesses sell tires beyond six years old, which creates a risk. When you buy them from the dealer, you end up with new tires in pristine condition.

There are different types of tires that you can put on your Toyota SUV. A professional and honest salesperson will guide you to tires that offer the perfect balance of correct size, fuel economy, noise suppression, load capacity, ride quality, wear, and cost. The best option is a quality all-weather tire.

You can enhance the appearance of your Toyota SUV and improve handling by going up in size. In this case, you would have larger wheels and tires mounted, only if they meet specific criteria for your specific automobile.

Tire Maintenance

Depending on the Toyota SUV, it may have a tire monitoring system that would alert you if the inflation level is too low. Otherwise, you should check the air in your tires every few weeks. While overinflated tires lead to poor handling and the potential for a blow-out, low tire pressure lessens grip on the road, makes steering difficult, and reduces fuel efficiency. If you run over something or hit a curb, take a minute to check the tire or have an expert check it for any damage.

Outstanding Service and Repair

In addition to an incredible inventory of SUVs, at Ray Brandt Toyota in Kenner, not far from Marrero, LA, we have an outstanding service department. For maintenance or repairs, give us a call.


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