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Need Something to Drive in Harvey, LA? Should You Go for a New or Used Toyota Coupe?

Choosing the right make and model of vehicle is only part of the equation of your shopping experience. While this is obviously critical, you also need to decide whether to pick out something new or something used. If you know you want to drive a Toyota coupe on the streets of Harvey, LA, consider the advantages and disadvantages of new models and used models. Both have pros and cons, so your choice depends on your financial situation and personal preferences.

Why Choose a New Car?

People decide to buy new models instead of used Toyota coupe options for many reasons. One of the biggest factors is that new cars will come with a warranty. Most Toyota vehicles have a basic three-year warranty, which will cover most of the mechanical and performance issues you’ll encounter. It will give you peace of mind knowing that you won’t have to spend your own money on major repairs. New cars also have better technology than used models. These will manifest themselves mostly in the safety and entertainment options.

Why Shy Away From a New Car?

New cars may not bring repair concerns, but you will have larger monthly payments, not to mention higher costs with registration fees, taxes, and insurance premiums. Another drawback is that from the moment you drive your coupe home to Harvey, LA, it will drop in value. Often, you may see up to a 20 percent in value loss with a new car right from the start and up to 50 percent after just three years.

Why Are Used Cars Best?

A used Toyota coupe not only has lower payments than new models, but you also won’t have to pay as much at the dealership in taxes and registration fees. People also love the fact that used cars hold their value much better than new vehicles. This means your used car will be a much better long-term investment.

Why Should You Avoid Used Cars?

You will pay less on your monthly bill for your used car, but you’ll most likely pay out of your pocket for repairs at your local mechanic shop in Harvey, LA. Used cars often lack warranty coverage, and they will also break down and have problems more frequently than newer models.

Are you ready to choose a Toyota coupe? Let the team at Ray Brandt Toyota give you a hand. Whether you want to drive something new or used in Harvey, LA, there’s something waiting for you.

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