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The parts department at Ray Brandt Toyota maintains a comprehensive inventory of high quality genuine OEM parts. Our highly knowledgeable staff is here to answer your parts inquiries. If we don’t have the components you’re looking for, you can always order Toyota parts with us in-store or online! Ray Brandt Toyota is your local resource for all things automotive – including Toyota parts. Read on below to learn more about the importance of working with OEM parts with us!

Why Use OEM Toyota Parts?

OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. So, why is it so important to work exclusively with genuine Toyota parts? Aren’t aftermarket options just as good? While there are aftermarket part sellers all around Metairie, their offerings aren’t nearly as impressive as what you get when you order Toyota parts. Third-party parts companies build generic components that are designed to fit on a wide range of vehicles. They want to sell the same part to a driver of a heavy-duty pickup or a compact sedan. While this aim can increase profits, it leaves customers with ill-fitting parts that don’t meet quality standards. With aftermarket parts, you’re likely to end up replacing them sooner than you’d like, spending more time and money at the shop than necessary.

With genuine OEM Toyota parts, on the other hand, you get auto components built by the same teams that designed your Toyota in the first place. That means the fit will be sound, the quality will be incredible, and the performance of your vehicle will be restored. This will ensure that you have renewed confidence on every commute from La Place to New Orleans. Best of all, you can work with our expert service team to have all of your Toyota parts professionally installed!

Upgrade Your Vehicle in Kenner

When you order Toyota parts from Ray Brandt Toyota, you get peace of mind and a restored vehicle all in one. Our expert staff will help you determine which parts you need and get them installed right away. If you have a DIY spirit, you can even review our parts and service tips to take on projects in your own garage! When you need automotive solutions, Ray Brandt Toyota is here for you!