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Which Toyota Sedan Sold at a Trusted Dealership Near Mandeville, LA, Is Right for You?

Similar to artwork, a Toyota sedan is subjective, meaning every buyer looks for something a little different when car shopping. However, most consumers search for a vehicle based on two primary factors, driving need and budget. Although you can select from different models sold at a trusted dealership close to Mandeville, LA, you might start by focusing on a new Camry and Corolla.

Toyota Camry

The Camry is a remarkable Toyota sedan worth serious consideration. One advantage this four-door car has over the Corolla is that the automaker completely overhauled the 2018 lineup. New features include an improved rear suspension, extended wheelbase, and a trendier appearance. Also, the Safety Sense Package now comes standard regardless of the trim level.

If safety on the road is your main concern when buying a Toyota sedan, you will appreciate this package. As a bundled feature, it includes dynamic radar cruise control and a pre-collision system. The cruise ensures the car remains at a safe distance from other automobiles while driving on the highway while the pre-collision system identifies and alerts of potential risks before something happens.

Toyota Corolla

The 2018 Corolla is another excellent choice for a Toyota sedan. In fact, this vehicle is currently one of the most popular on the road today, driven by people of all ages. Unlike the Camry, the automaker did not make any significant changes from the 2017 to 2018 lineup. Even so, with everything this car offers, it makes a fantastic option.

One thing the Toyota Corolla sedan shares with the Camry is the standard Safety Sense Package. That along with other safety features is why this car ranked high in crash tests performed by several leading organizations, including the IIHS. Regardless of the category, the 2018 Corolla received a “Good to Superior” rating.

Both Outstanding Options

For a Toyota sedan, you cannot go wrong with either the 2018 Camry or Corolla. These cars are affordably priced, available in several impressive trim levels, and designed for safe and comfortable travels. These sedans also have spacious interiors, providing rear-seat passengers plenty of head and legroom.

The Perfect Fit

At Ray Brandt Toyota, one of our professional salespeople will show you either one of these sedans or any vehicle of interest. We invite you to call or visit us in person at our Kenner location, just a short distance from Mandeville, LA.

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