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    Used Cars for Sale in Kenner

    Are you tired of driving through La Place in a vehicle that fails to keep pace with your lifestyle? Whether you’ve taken on new hobbies that require towing power or you’ve got an expanding family that needs more seating, upgrading your vehicle to match your needs is essential. Below, you can learn about the perks of shopping for your new-to-you car with our expert team!

    Why Shop at Used Car Dealerships?

    When you turn to the pre-owned auto market, you’re likely looking to bring home a great value. While used cars do offer the chance to secure a low monthly car payment, there are many reasons to shop pre-owned. Benefits of shopping for used cars for sale in Kenner include:

    • Minimal depreciation once you drive off the lot
    • Affordable cost of insurance coverage
    • Endless options to explore
    • Budgetary wiggle room for upgrades

    No matter what kind of pre-owned cars for sale you’re looking for, Ray Brandt Toyota has the inventory to match. Want a nearly-new Toyota? Explore our CPO selection. Hoping to find a truly budget-friendly model? Check out our used cars for sale in Kenner priced under $15k. What’s more, we outclass other used car dealerships by offering rotating pre-owned specials to help you save!

    Explore Our Pre-Owned Cars for Sale Today!

    Whether you’re looking for a family-friendly SUV or you prefer an efficient sedan, you’ll find exactly what you need when you shop at our used car dealership. We take great pride in serving up some of the best pre-owned cars for sale in the Metairie area, and we can’t wait to help you find your fit. Take the stress out of used car shopping and team up with Ray Brandt Toyota! You can even apply for financing online to get started from the comfort of your New Orleans home.

    Used Vehicles: FAQs

    Q: Is it better to buy a new or used car?

    A: If you’re comparing new vs. used cars, finding which option is best is essential. New cars offer unmatched quality, the latest technology, and plenty of prestige. So it’s understandable why you might want one in your Metairie driveway. On the other hand, used cars are more affordable, don’t suffer as much depreciation, and come in a wide variety. So, it can be tough to decide which path to take. With benefits on both sides, it’s difficult to say that one is superior to the other. But one may fit your needs better than the other.

    You can spend big and secure a brand-new model. Or, you can hunt for a budget-friendly option that suits your wishlist. As previously mentioned, used cars come in a wide array of options. That means you can find a bargain for the new teen driver in the family or a nearly-new CPO model. When you work with Ray Brandt Toyota, we can help you decide if you should buy pre-owned and what type of vehicle will suit your budget and lifestyle!

    Q: What is good mileage on a used car?

    A: Unfortunately, good mileage for a used car is incredibly subjective. While you may think that there’s a hard and fast rule that dictates automotive quality when it comes to miles on the odometer, this just isn’t the case. That’s because each mile is not created equal, and the condition of vehicles can vary wildly. For example, a car that’s traveled 50,000 miles in stop-and-go city traffic has endured a lot more stress than a vehicle that’s accumulated 50,000 miles through primarily highway driving. So, it’s essential to investigate the driving history of the previous owner.

    Along with the driving history, the service record of a vehicle is one of the most important factors to consider. If a vehicle has s strong service history, it can be counted on to travel for well over 100,000 miles. That’s because automotive design and care technology have come a long way in recent years. With that in mind, buying a high-mileage bargain can often be a great investment. A great way to decide what to buy is to evaluate what you need from a vehicle in the future. If you want an affordable ride for a few years, go with a higher-mileage used car. Want a discounted option that’s nearly new? Consider a CPO model!

    Q: What to look for when buying a used car?

    A: Used car shopping can be incredibly rewarding and offers a chance to head home in a premium vehicle at a significant discount. So, how do you find that great model? What do you look for when buying a used car? Understanding pre-owned car shopping involves knowing what to ask when buying a used car. You’ll want to ask questions about the history of the vehicle. Find out if the car has been damaged or if the previous owners kept a strong maintenance record. Ask who drove the car and where was the car driven. The more insight you have into the vehicle’s past, the greater your ability to predict its future. A well-maintained vehicle that’s been driven almost exclusively on the highway is practically always a good investment  – regardless of mileage. On the other hand, a low-mile model with a bad wreck in its history may not be as appealing as the odometer makes it seem.

    So, uncovering the history of a vehicle is crucial. You want to develop a used car buying checklist that includes inspecting the mechanical, physical, and cosmetic condition of the vehicle to asses it’s quality. When setting your budget, you’ll want to consider the price and your monthly obligations for gas, maintenance, and insurance. Last, and certainly not least, be sure to take a test drive to see if the vehicle is up to your standards. If you’re concerned about spending your hard-earned money on a pre-owned model, turn to Ray Brandt Toyota. Our inventory is carefully selected to ensure our customers have access to premium vehicles. Beyond that, we offer competitive prices to help you save!

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